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Privacy Window Film

Get the privacy you need without sacrificing the views that you love.

Why Use Privacy Window Film?


UV Protection

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Privacy window film is a modern, clean and cost-effective alternative to increasing the privacy of your space without adding bulky curtains, clunky blinds or other costly and view-inhibiting window treatments.


Energy Savings

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The strategic use of privacy films on the exterior and throughout the interior of your building add privacy to your workspace without sacrificing the modern and elegant aesthetics of the space.


Heat Reduction

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Decorative films are an excellent and versatile product for the glass in your building. When employees are comfortable and shielded from outside distraction, productivity shoots through the roof.

Let Sunlight in,
Keep Prying Eyes out

You are not alone if privacy is your number one concern but not quite enough so that you are willing to give up entirely on natural light.
Solar control films with a very low light transmission, one-way mirror films, decorative films, and blackout, whiteout, and translucent or frosted films are all film solutions to consider when privacy is key.

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